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About Youth

At YouthfulCities we define youth as 15-29 year olds. Definitions for youth range around the world. In regions such as Africa, South America and Asia youth is often defined as those 15-34 years old. In North America and Europe youth are normally defined as those between 15-24. With our definition we mitigate regional difference and represent the breadth of life stages that young people go through from secondary to post-secondary schools. From single to couples to parents.

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About Youthful

Unfortunately youth often gets a bad and misunderstood rap from older generations and the media. However youthful is a universally positive concept. The definition of youthful – attributes of youth. Everyone wants to be youthful and likewise all cities want to be youthful too.

Why do so many cities treat youth as villains?  Cities need young people in order to thrive. 16 to 29 year-olds represent 25% of the global population and most now live in cities. What would happen to your city if young people decided to move to a better city? Imagine losing their vibrancy, creativity, innovation, tech savvy and connectedness– their youthfulness! Youth are a potential competitive advantage for mega-cities. Young people give more than they take but they are mobile. Youth have a choice.   Where are the best cities for youth to live work and play?  Which cities really want to get ahead?