value for youth & cities

Cities are where life happens. They are vibrant, evolving, colourful places that hold the pulse of the people. Much like the youth that live within them.

YouthfulCities will benefit cities by:

  • Maximizing the current potential of young citizens to boost the economic, social and political fortunes for your city.
  • Offering a good, formative experience that leads young people to settle in your city for the long term.
  • Enabling the most networked generation to talk about your city.
  • Knowing what is coming next for your city.

YouthfulCities will benefit youth by:

  • Creating a hub to enable youth to become true partners in the development of better places to live and grow.
  • Amplifying the voice and ideas of youth in cities.
  • Connecting youth to organizations, businesses and government agencies that are working to improve cities
  • Making the exploration of cities fun and social for youth